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‘SL is a glowing flame of Asia’ -NZ premier John Key during his SL tour

February 25th, 2016
‘SL is a glowing flame of Asia’ -NZ premier John Key during his SL tour

A ten member delegation of the government of New Zealand led by its prime minister John Key arrived in Sri Lanka (SL) yesterday night on an official 3 day tour. They were accorded a reception with state honors by president Maithripala Sirisena and prime minister Ranil Wickremesinghe.

The state reception was accorded at the presidential secretariat , along with a gun salute by the forces this morning in honor of the delegation. After an official meeting with SL  president and prime minster , a number of agreements were signed between the two countries.  

The P.M. of NZ addressing the gathering after signing the agreements said, SL is Asia’s  glowing flame .

John Key went on to say , this is his second visit to SL , and his  first visit was in 2013 , when he attended the Commonwealth conference of State heads. During this tour he was able to witness the new and novel changes SL is undergoing  , he observed.
The good governance and co existence concepts of the  SL president and the P.M. have contributed to these changes, and SL is a model for other countries of the  zone, he noted.  The NZ government will extend its maximum assistance towards the SL government in its development efforts in the future , he assured.

While signing the agreement to provide assistance for training to specially develop  SL’s milk production Industry, an agreement was reached to develop the co operation between SL and NZ  in the sphere of wild life.

John Key also said , in order to provide higher level of knowledge and  technology of NZ to SL  , steps will be taken to install a milk production training center . What is aimed at by this is to make the SL farmers stronger and prosperous , and not to take over the business of this country , he added.

Today, SL has become a hub of business  activity , and to augment the tourism industries  of the two countries, a number of programs shall be  put in place , Key pointed out.

A token  was handed over by the SL president to the NZ  premier gifting  a calf elephant of SL to NZ. This was the second calf elephant gifted by SL to New Zealand. John Key thanked the government of SL for the gift.

John Key will be in the Island until the 27 th of this month.