About Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

About Sri Lanka
  • lsland Nation of 65000 Sq. Kilometers with a population of 20 Million.
  • Strategically connected to major shipping & air routes to the East & West providing direct access to important trading partners.
  • Peace and Economic Stability.
  • Never defaulted on its International Debt Obligations.

Key Indicators

About Sri Lanka
  • GDP Value USD 67 Bn
  • GDP Growth Rate of 7.3%
  • FDI from BOI Projects- USD1|.39 Bn.
  • Per Capita Income USD 3,280
  • Export earnings USD 10,394 Mn
  • Literacy rate 95.6%
  • Source - Central Bank 2014

Business Envioronment

About Sri Lanka
  • Total Foreign Ownership of Business.
  • No restrictions on Repatriation of Earnings.
  • Safety of Foreign Investments Guaranteed by the Constitution.
  • Strong Intellectual Property law in line with WIPO Regulations.
  • National Treatment is guaranteed.
  • Signatory to the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA) of the World Bank.
  • Investment Protection Agreement and Double Taxation Relief Agreement with over 25 countries, including japan.

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