About IBC

International Business Consortium evolved from a conceptualized idea and developed into a professional facilitator for Business ventures expanding into Sri Lanka, providing integrated solutions in a Market with emerging diverse opportunities.

We employ resources prudently which constitutes a platform of Knowledge, Skills, Experience and Technology on which to build. Other favourable factors of key concern is our competitive advantage which include IBC’s investor relations management by enabling qualifying investors in selected Manufacturing and Service sectors to secure government clearance and approvals with ease for business start- up.

The Business facilitation provides Preliminary solutions such as Country profiles, Feasibility reports, Market survey etc. and Business set up and support services in Communication & Information Technology, Finance and Support Packages and Human Resources.

Our Associated operating segments provide the impetus to further enrich the expansion of the quality objectives of our efforts and to provide cost optimized solutions for our clients from around the world.

About IBC

Our Vision

Inspire our employees to be the best they can be, employ and engage sustainable best practices and anticipate customer needs.

Our Mission

Turning our vision into Reality

We will continue to re- define the benchmark of Excellence through constant, simple innovation in who we are and in everything we do.